CAST Touring

Vi i DER/UTE er ekstremt stolt av å kunne tilby produkter fra CAST i vårt Showroom på Hvalstad og i vår butikk i Lille Grensen! 
CAST Freetour Upgrade Kit kombinert med en Look Pivot alpinbinding er anerkjent av de fleste harbarka frikjørere som beste setup for toppturer når man virkelig skal "dra på" og det å kunne stole på bindingen er et must! 
Da vi kun selger CAST over disk, kan du kontakte oss her hvis du trenger mer info, eller booke en time med en av våre eksperter for å få gode råd og veiledning om valg av riktig utstyr.
Hvem er CAST? 
The brand name CAST is derived from the collective noun for a group of hawks in honor of late founder Ryan Hawks. Ryan possessed an indomitable spirit and never ending love of life. It is CAST’s goal to honor Ryan’s spirit, as well as others who have died in the mountains by creating quality products which allow for easier access and greater enjoyment of those places where we feel closest to them.

With Ryan's input still strong in our minds, CAST Touring was created in 2012 by brothers Lars and Silas Chickering-Ayers. We had a simple desire to have better access to the mountains while maintaining the ability to enjoy them to the fullest with a reliable, safe binding system. From a first set of prototypes several years ago, the system has grown to the development of the Cast Freetour. 

Silas and Lars continue to handle operations as Cast has grown into a full capacity, in-house binding company with top of the line prototyping, machining and manufacturing capabilities. We continue to pursue our core mission with the help of many amazing friends and input from an ever growing team of athletes from around the world. Situated in the heart of the Tetons, we are able to develop and test gear in our backyard while never losing sight of why we began this endeavor. We owe every thing to our loyal customers and community, and have no plans to stop striving to design and create the best backcountry equipment possible. Cheers!